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10 year old Border Collie

Born September 2, 2008

Also known as: Psycho-Man, Pman, Bubble Boy

Owner/Handler: Colleen Morita

U-FLI jump height: 10"

Best line-to-line time: 3.967 sec



If you have never lived with a Tasmanian devil you have not experienced PSYCHO!! He is this crazy compact red merle ball of energy. Even when he sleeps he looks like he is going to pounce on you. I love this little dude. From the minute I picked him up from the airport I fell in love with him. He does everything with so much energy and zest for life it's just amazing to watch.

He has been a blast to train for flyball. He is my fifth flyball dog and I made a promise to him and myself when we started our training. I promised that no matter what, each and every training session would be based on fun. With that in mind I have had the time of my life with this dog. His training was a blast... PSYCHO POWER!!!

Psycho made his singles racing debut in March 2010 and made his debut in a lineup a few months later. Psycho much prefers the amped up excitement of team racing over the comparatively mundane singles scene. He usually runs in the pack on X Cite. His powerful turn packs a punch and is wonderful to pass into, but it is his woo-woos and mama-licks that always make him a crowd-pleaser.

Psycho's two full siblings compete in agility.


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