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In loving memory of Maverick


Danish Swedish Farmdog

October 12, 2006 - March 18, 2020

Also known as: Mav, El Jefe

Owner/Handler: Colleen Morita

Also handled by: Stephanie

NAFA jump height: 8"

U-FLI jump height: 6"

Best line-to-line time: 4.150 sec




Maverick will go down in history for being the perfect puppy. I adopted Casey when she was 7 months so Mav was my first puppy. I did a ton of research and was armed with all of the possible tools. Mav never had an accident and never blew me off. He was just one of those dogs that was willing to do anything that I asked of him.

We started his flyball training as soon as I got him and didn't look back. His flyball training was easy, and he debuted in singles at a year and 10 days and did perfect. Two months later he was running on a team with no problems. Mav is full of energy and is very charismatic. He is a little guy with a lot of personality. Everyone should be blessed with a flyball dog that was this easy to train!

Maverick made it possible for us to be comeptitive in NAFA multibreed racing in 2011, and we all think that he is THE MAN. He easily fits in a sherpa bag, is all-business in the ring, and is freaking adorable - how can you not love him?

Maverick is from Kennel Flora's second Hannah x Solo breeding. His siblings play for Woof Gang, Pawdemonium, Orange Crush, and Silver Streaks.

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