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Our team

Our members are currently spread around Southern California and Las Vegas. Our team is one of only a handful of teams in the world to have posted a time in the 14-second range and is the only team to have done so in both NAFA and U-FLI competition.

The beginning

X started its journey in November 2009. We began running together at Rude Dogs West's Rock the West tournament on December 5-6, 2009, where we were grateful to Lickety Splits and Leap of Faith for running pick-up teams with us.

What's in an X?

With over 30 years of flyball experience between us at the time, the founding members of our new team quickly realized that all together, we had been members of many other teams before starting this new team ... ten to be exact! Thus, X was born. Although it began as a way to symbolize "ten," we quickly embraced all of the exciting possibilities that the letter X had to offer.

Our foundation

All dog activities aside, we are great friends who enjoy spending time with our dogs and each other. (We happen to enjoy playing flyball together too!) We love brainstorming about new things to try with our dogs, whether it is a conditioning exercise, a different training method, or a new activity altogether. We enjoy having the time to participate in schutzhund, agility, rally obedience, sprint and oval racing, herding, dock diving, conformation, hiking and therapy work with our dogs.


We are currently one of the fastest teams in the world and in 2014 set a record for the fastest time ever recorded at NAFA's CanAm invitational. Our team also has five of U-FLI's all-time top 25 singles dogs, which is more than any other team.


We started as a new and very small team, and we were grateful to all of the teams that offered their help and encouragement throughout our fledgling beginnings. We have been humbled by the outpouring of generosity and unsolicited support from our fellow competitors:

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